March 2007 - First Ride of 2007

My lovely wife Julie and I took the Nomad out for thefirst ride of our '07 season. A short ride, but a ride none the less.

We had family from out of town last week-end, and will again this coming one as well. But there are several things that need to be done around the house before the next group of in-laws come around.

The first spring mowing of yard onions was today,which due to one of those infernal inventions of man called a 'lawn mower' meant it was after 2:00 pm before we could get the Kaw out of our basement/workshop.

Only having a few hours to ride we decided to stay some what close to home, and make a loop around the surrounding counties.

The first stop was Morrow Mountain State Park close to Albemarle, NC. Always a beautiful ride, today was no exception. The weather was perfect, low 80's and sunny, but the leaves and color has only just begun. It looked more like winter on the mountain with all the bare trees and brown dead foliage on the ground. There must have been 200 or more bikes on the loop around the top of the park! Everything from cruisers to tourers to sport bikes to scooters were seen parked or riding the park loop.

From there we went to a local hang out called "Cripple Creek" for a late lunch.

"The Creek", as usual was crowded with bikes and riders. We both had cheeseburgers and a cold beverage (Cool your jets ;) iced tea and a diet coke), then rode off in search of the sunset.

It didn't take long... We just eased around the back roads on the southern side of Davidson county and vicinity, both of us just wishing for more time and looking forward to future rides this year. Closed out the day with 150 miles for the afternoon. One of those short 'teaser' rides, but a good one.

We'll take it.