The 2005 Season comes to an end

As is the normal for families with active kids in school we had a wonderfully busy 2005. It was Bryan’s senior year which made it all the more special and hectic. Julie and I snuck off when we could and managed to get in several day trips and a few week-end rides. The highlight probably being the ride out to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It also became apparent that if we were going to be riders we were going to have to learn how to ride in the rain.

The first Nomad Julie and I ever rode was a trade in taken in at the shop. We borrowed over a July 4th week-end and ended up riding in what seemed like a monsoon. It started what we cautiously laugh off as “The Curse of the Nomad”. It sometimes seems like we are rain magnates. You can believe we always have rain gear stowed away. ‘The Curse’ seems to have followed us over to ours and we try to caution our friends before they agree to ride with us. It seems to happen more often than not.